• Road Test

    This services include West Road Safety staff  schedule appointment with DMV. Driving instructor go to your location to do Pick Up and Drop Off. Also the client receive a refresher driving lesson before your road test appointment.  This review includes parking, road test manuevers, driving on main roads.

  • Driving Evaluation

    Receive an evaluation of your driving skills and improve your defensive driving techniques. This evaluation duration is 60 minutes.
  • 3 Crashes in 3 Years (3 N 3)

    This course is approved for drivers who have been ordered to complete a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) driver improvement course to keep their driver's license. The course includes an assessment of your driving ability and four hours of behind-the-wheel lessons.

Online Traffic School

Dismiss your traffic ticket or moving violation and eliminate the points from your driving record the easy way. No one wants court appearances or insurance increases.

  • 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course (Florida Traffic Ticket, Court-Ordered, or DMV-Required Traffic Collision Avoidance Course)
  • 8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement Course (Court-Ordered)
  • 8-Hour Aggressive Driver Course (Court-Ordered)
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$21.95-61.95 (depending on the course)

Mature Driver Improvement Course

Save up to 15% on your auto insurance policy for 3 years, guaranteed. Eau your auto insurance premium discount the easy way with our online class. You'll appreciate the short chapters that are fun to complete. Your certificate is mailed the next day and we'll electronically report your completion right after you're done.

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Wireless Communications Device Course

Clear your citation fast. If you have been issued a citation for using a handheld wireless device in the state of Florida, then this course is for you! This course applies to traffic citations issued while driving in a school zone, work zone, or school crossing zone. You can have your driving record points and associated costs waived with this online 90-minute program!

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